Graphics Programming with Perl

Graphics Programming with Perl Welcome to Graphics Programming with Perl. When Manning Publications contacted me to assess my interest in writing a book about graphics programming for the Perl language, I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn’t think there would be enough coherent material to write such a book, and I wasn’t entirely certain there would be much room for one.However, after doing some research I noticed that, in fact, there was a gap in the published material. The only book I could find that combined graphics programming and Perl was too general, and was largely a collection of recipes on how to use tools, many of which had no relation to Perl [1]. There were not enough references that described and explained how to achieve concrete graphics tasks in Perl. So I accepted the challenge and started working, with the goal of providing a book that would sum up the ways to work with graphics from within Perl, and to offer sufficient background information to improve the understanding of graphics programming and graphics in general. This work seeks to provide a programmer with enough fundamental knowledge and pointers to achieve the most common graphics programming tasks. I hope those goals have been realized.

Authors: Martien VerbruggenPages: 328     Year: 2002

Tags: graphics perl programming

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