Murder Is Easy

Murder Is Easy Luke Fitzwilliam goes on a train and sits next to Miss Fullerton/Miss Pinkerton, an old lady who lives in Wychwood-under-Ashe who informs him that a multiple murderer is at work. She tells him the names of the victims:Amy Gibbs, Tommy Pierce,Carter, and Dr. Humbleby. While saying all this, she mentioned knowing Dr.Humbleby would be next. She also says the murderer has this glance which got her on track and helped her realise that it was that person that murdered them all. In other words, she was going to Scotland Yard to tell them about a murderer in her peaceful village. But this doesnt happen, because she was run down by a car. Who could this murderer be? Luke Fitzwilliam is set to find out the murderer and at the same time gets a girlfriend: Bridget Conway.

Authors: Agatha ChristiePages: 124     Year: 1939

Tags: agatha detective christie

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