The Power of Ultimate six Sigma - AMACOM

The Power of Ultimate six Sigma - AMACOM Developed by Motorola and popularized by Jack Welch and GE, Six Sigma remains today's hottest program for zero defect quality excellence. Now, Keki Bhote, member of the original Motorola team, presents an undiluted approach, applying his trademarked Ultimate Six Sigma(r) method to every business process — from manufacturing and customer retention to supply chain management and leadership. The book is packed with every technique and metric necessary for a fast, smooth implementation, giving readers everything they need to make their own companies world-class in their industry. In addition, numerous case studies of benchmark companies illustrate the factors that contribute to success. Bhote includes assessment tools designed to help a company gauge its current status and measure future progress. This book is the ultimate guide to the ultimate quality assurance tool.

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