The Concordance Database Manual (August 2006) - Apress

The Concordance Database Manual (August 2006) -  Apress As a document imaging database, Concordance 8 gives you the ability to search through otherwise unmanageable amounts of data to locate just the precise records necessary for the case at hand. The product also boasts extensive case analysis and organization features. This leaves you free to organize and manipulate crucial documents as you choose. If you're a litigation support professional, this book will teach you effective strategies for installing, administering, and maintaining the Concordance database. You'll also learn how to analyze data files and identify and repair potential data flaws that could contaminate data and undermine search accuracy. The book carefully teaches you how to -Create and administer a Concordance database -Load documents into the database using Opticon 3.0 -Exploit complex search logic to aid in document review In short, this book will empower you to prepare your own high-quality trial documents, instead of vulnerably relying on third-party-prepared data.

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