Taken At The Flood

Taken At The Flood "While visiting the Coronation Club, Hercule Poirot hears Major Porter talking about Gordon Cloade, who has been killed along with almost his entire household during the Blitz. He has been survived only by his young widow and her brother, but there is a complication. Apparently, Porter knew Robert Underhay, the widow’s first husband, in Africa, and remembers his suggesting that he would deliberately disappear in order to set her free from the marriage without the shame of a divorce. Before his disappearance, Underhay joked that he will subsequently adopt the name “Enoch Arden” in homage to the poem by Tennyson with a similar theme. Overhearing the same anecdote, Jeremy Cloade storms out angrily.Two years later, in 1946, Poirot is visited by Katherine Cloade, who wishes him to investigate the whereabouts of Robert Underhay, evidently with a view to breaking the will. He refuses, but later notices the death notice of someone called Enoch Arden who was living in the same village as the Cloade family. He sets out to investigate."

Authors: Agatha ChristiePages: 410     Year: 1948

Tags: agatha detective christie

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