The Secret Of Chimneys

The Secret Of Chimneys "Bulawayo. Of all places for Anthony Cade to run into his old friend Jimmy McGrath! But then again, for men with as much in common as they had — both adventurers and soldiers of fortune, both sharing a taste for good whiskey, lovely women, and all things exotic—maybe a chance meeting in the Rhodesian bush was not quite as astonishing as it at first seemed.Always ready with an interesting yarn or an intriguing offer, McGrath had one of each for his friend Anthony Cade. Paris, a few years back: Jimmy McGrath was walking alone in a deserted area of the city when he happened upon a group of French toughs beating up a helpless old gentleman. Just to even the odds, Jimmy took the old gent's cause, thrashed the attackers, and sent them running. He was then amazed to find that the old man was none other than Count Stylptitch of Herzoslovakia. Why, even those who had never heard of Herzoslovakia had heard of the Count—master diplomat and kingmaker, the ""Grand Old Man of the Balkans.""Jimmy had thought the chapter ended, but he recently read that Count Stylptitch had died in Paris and received in the mail a parcel containing the old man's memoirs. Along with the manuscript came an advisory staring that a thousand pounds would be awarded him upon delivery of it to a certain publisher in London. So much for the story, now for the offer

Authors: Agatha ChristiePages: 182     Year: 1925

Tags: agatha detective christie

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