Chaos and nonlinear dynamics

Chaos and nonlinear dynamics This is the only book that introduces the full range of activity in the rapidly growing field of nonlinear dynamics to an audience of students, scientists, and engineers with no in-depth experience in the area. The text uses a step-by-step explanation of dynamics and geometry in state space as a foundation for understanding nonlinear dynamics. It goes on to provide a thorough treatment of such key topics as differential equation models and iterated map models (including a derivation of the famous Feigenbaum numbers), the surprising role of number theory in dynamics, and an introduction to Hamiltonian dynamics. This is the only book written at this introductory level to include the increasingly important field of pattern formation, along with a survey of the controversial questions of quantum chaos. Important analytical tools, such as Lyapunov exponents, Kolmogorov entropies, and fractal dimensions, are treated in detail. With over 200 figures and diagrams, and both analytic and computer exercises following every chapter, the book is ideally suited for use as a text or for self-instruction. An extensive collection of annotated references brings the reader into contact with the literature in nonlinear dynamics, which the reader will be prepared to tackle after completing the book.

Authors: Hilborn R.C.Pages: 328     Year: 2000

Tags: dynamics nonlinear

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