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Books: jQuery in Action - Manning

jQuery in Action - Manning

A good web development framework anticipates what you need to do and makes those tasks easier and more efficient; jQuery practically reads your mind. Developers of every stripe-hobbyists and professio…

Books: The design and analysis of spatial data structures
Samet H., 1990

The design and analysis of spatial data structures

Spatial data consist of points, lines, rectangles, regions, surfaces, and volumes. The representation of such data is becoming increasingly important in applications in computer graphics, computer vis…

Books: Nonlinear Dynamics: A Primer
Medio A., Lines M., 2003

Nonlinear Dynamics: A Primer

An advanced undergraduate and graduate textbook on the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems.

Books: Partons in quantum chromodynamics
Altarelli G., 1981

Partons in quantum chromodynamics

An overall view of the physics of QCD in the perturbative domain is presented in a form that could be of use both as an introduction to the subject with its main lines of current development and as a …

Books: Virtual Private Networks, 2nd Edition

Virtual Private Networks, 2nd Edition

Historically, only large companies could afford secure networks, which they created from expensive leased lines. Smaller folks had to make do with the relatively untrusted Internet. Nowadays, even lar…

Books: Light and dark
Greene P.D., 2002

Light and dark

Encourages us to take a more careful look at many familiar phenomena, such as the variations in the duration of twilight through the year and the ability of human vision to misinterpret patterns of li…
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