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Books: Fourier Analysis on Groups
Rudin W., 1980

Fourier Analysis on Groups

In the late 1950s, many of the more refined aspects of Fourier analysis were transferred from their original settings (the unit circle, the integers, the real line) to arbitrary locally compact abelia…

Books: Principles of Mathematical Analysis
Rudin W., 1976

Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Explains set theory, sequences, continuity, differentiation, integrals, and vector-space concepts.

Books: Companion notes. A working excursion to accompany baby Rudin
Silvia E.M., 1999

Companion notes. A working excursion to accompany baby Rudin

These notes have been prepared to assist students who are learning Advanced Calculu

Books: Real and Complex Analysis
Rudin W., 1970

Real and Complex Analysis

This is an advanced text for the one- or two-semester course in analysis taught primarily to math, science, computer science, and electrical engineering majors at the junior, senior or graduate level.


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