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Books: Perturbative quantum chromodynamics
Reya E., 1980

PHYSICS REPORTS (Review Section of Physics Letters) 69, No. 3 (1981) 195-333.

Books: Two dimensional sigma-models: modelling non-perturbative effects in quantum chromodynamics
Novikov V.A., Shifman M.A., Vainstein A.I., 1984

This review is devoted to the discussion of the parallel existing between four-dimensional gauge theories and two-dimensional sigma models. We use sigma models as a laboratory allowing us to investiga…

Books: Hard processes in quantum chromodynamics
Dokshitzer Yu.L., Dyakonov D.I., Troyan S.I., 1980

The use of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) in treating the hadronic world has become an overwhelming trend in particle physics. Owing to the asymptotic freedom of QCD, one can use perturbative methods to…

Books: Partons in quantum chromodynamics
Altarelli G., 1981

An overall view of the physics of QCD in the perturbative domain is presented in a form that could be of use both as an introduction to the subject with its main lines of current development and as a …

Books: Quantum chromodynamics and the pomeron
Forschaw J.R., Ross D.A., 1997

This volume describes the Pomeron, an object of crucial importance in very high energy particle physics. The first chapter looks at historical roots, setting the scene for subsequent chapters, which f…

Books: Quantum chromodynamics
Greiner W., Schramm S., Stein E., 2002

The book is a self-contained introduction to perturbative and nonperturbative quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) with worked-out exercises for students of theoretical physics. It will be useful as a referen…
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