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Books: Communication Patterns of Engineers
Tenopir C., 2004

Tenopir (information sciences, U. of Tennessee and Knoxville) and statistician King survey the research related to how engineers gather information and how they communicate the output of their work to…

Books: Introduction to communication system: theory of probability

Introduction to communication system: theory of probability

Books: Designing for human-computer communication
Sime M.E., Coombs M.J., 1983

A well reported outcome of the current expansion in the use of computers within all areas of academic, commercial and industrial life, is the growing number of users without formal training in program…

Books: Quantum communication, computing, and measurement 2
Kumar P., D, 2000

Based on the Fourth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing, this volume brings together scientists working in the interdisciplinary fields of quantum communicatio…

Books: Open problems in communication and computation
Cover T.M., Gopinath B., 1987

The papers in this volume are the contributions to a special workshop on problems in communication and computation conducted in the summers of 1984 and 1985 in Morristown, New Jersey, and the summer o…

Books: Digital Circuit Analysis and Design with Simulink Modeling and Introduction to CPLDs and FPGAs, 2nd Edition?

This text includes the following chapters and appendices: Common Number Systems and Conversions, Operations in Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal Systems, Sign Magnitude and Floating Point Arithmetic, Bin…
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