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Books: Computer models of thought and language
Schank R.C., 1973

Computer models of thought and language

Books: Elementary mathematical and computational tools for electrical and computer engineers using matlab
Manassah J.T., 2001

Engineers around the world depend on MATLAB for its power, usability, and outstanding graphics capabilities. Yet too often, engineering students are either left on their own to acquire the background …

Books: Great ideas in computer science with java
Biermann A.W., Ramm D., 2002

This book presents the "great ideas" of computer science, condensing a large amount of complex material into a manageable, accessible form

Books: Computer graphics via java
Ferguson I., 2002

This textbook is aimed at the computer science student who, having studied Java, now wishes to understand the fascinating world of computer graphics. Covering all the necessary background maths and wi…

Books: Computer science illuminated
Dale N., Lewis J., 2002

Using an onion as an analogy, this textbook for a CS-0 course walks through the function of each layer in a computer system. Dale (University of Texas) and Lewis (Villanova) describe the binary number…

Books: Computer programming concepts and visual basic
Schneider D.I., 1999

Computer programming concepts and visual basic


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