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Books: AdSense BlackHat Edition

Adsense BlackHat Edition is an e-book by Vince Tan. It gives you all the tools you need to run a full fledged black hat AdSense campaign without getting busted. Best of all its totally free! This e-bo…

Books: Negotiate to Win - The 21 Rules for Successful Negotiating

Americans as a whole are really bad at negotiating. We find haggling to be beneath us and we're uncomfortable with it, yet we feel cheated when we don't get the best deal possible. World-class negotia…

Books: Often Wrong Never in Doubt - Unleash the Business Rebel Within

In 1983, Deutsch joined his father's small New York City advertising agency and, over the next two decades, built its annual billings to $1.5 billion. In 2000, he sold the company for $280 million and…

Books: Going Visual Using Images to Enhance Productivity Decision-Making and Profits

How and why to make visual communication a powerful competitive tool From digital cameras and camera phones to videoconferencing, visual communication technology is changing not only personal lives bu…

Books: Inventors Guide To Law Business And Taxes - Nolo Press

This book can be read quickly to get a general idea of what an inventor needs to do, then it can be read in more detail as the inventor tried to figure out whether a particular expense is tax deductab…

Books: Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control - Wiley

Logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. Logistic systems have received considerable attention in the last 10 years…


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