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Books: Single Neuron Dynamics Models Linking Theory and Experiment
Benda J., 2002

The single neuron is the basic element of information processing in nervous systems. In this thesis several properties of the dynamics of the generation of spikes are investigated theoretically as wel…

Books: Schaum's outline of theory and problems of engineering mechanics. Statics and dynamics
Nelson E.W., Best C.L., McLean W.G., 1998

Students and professionals bought more than 300,000 copies of previous editions! This new edition draws on the best mathematical tool now available to solve problems. It applies the vector approach fo…

Books: Basic ship theory (Vol. 2. Ship dynamics and design)
Rawson K.J., Tupper E.C., 2001

Since it was first published in 1968, Basic Ship Theory has become established as the standard introductory text for students of naval architecture and a reference book for the more experienced design…

Books: Airplane flight dynamics and automatic flight controls (part 1)
Roskam J., 1979

In Airplane Flight Dynamics & Automatic Flight Controls, Part I, exhaustive coverage is provided of the methods for analysis and synthesis of the steady state and perturbed state (open loop) stability…

Books: Dynamics of molecule surface interactions
Billing G.D., 2000

Chemical reactions at surfaces do not follow the same reaction dynamics as atoms in the gas phase. The changes from "ideal" interactions depend on the electronic structure and the spatial and geometri…

Books: Introduction to statics and dynamics. Problem book
Rudra P., Ruina A., 2001

Introduction to statics and dynamics. Problem book


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