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Books: Vortex Structure and Dynamics
Maurel A., Petitjeans P., 2000

Vortex Structure and Dynamics

Books: Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics
Brennen C.E., 1995

This book provides a coherent and unified treatment of the fundamental physical processes involved in bubble dynamics and the phenomenon of cavitation. Of interest to a wide range of mechanical engine…

Books: An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
Batchelor G. K., 2000

First published in 1967, Professor Batchelor's classic work is still one of the foremost texts on fluid dynamics. His careful presentation of the underlying theories of fluids is still timely and appl…

Books: Classical and quantum dynamics
Dittrich W., Reuter M., 2001

Graduate students who want to become familiar with advanced computational strategies in classical and quantum dynamics will find here both the fundamentals of a standard course and a detailed treatmen…

Books: Hypersonic and high temperature gas dynamics
Anderson J.D., 1989

Written by best-selling author, John D. Anderson, Jr., this book covers the subject of sustained hypersonic flight, the technology behind the Space Shuttle and other high speed flight vehicles. Anders…

Books: The Variational Principles of Dynamics
Kupershmidt B.A., 1992

The Variational Principles of Dynamics


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