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Books: Fourier Transforms of Invariant Functions on Finite Reductive Lie Algebras
Letellier E., 2004

The Fourier transforms of invariant functions on finite reductive Lie algebras are due to T.A. Springer (1976) in connection with the geometry of nilpotent orbits. In this book the author studies Four…

Books: Odd characterisations of finite simple groups
Higman G., 1968

Odd characterisations of finite simple groups

Books: Finite element analysis
Flaherty J.E., 2000

Finite element analysis

Books: Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems
Donea J., Huerta A., 2003

In recent years there have been significant developments in the development of stable and accurate finite element procedures for the numerical approximation of a wide range of fluid mechanics problems…

Books: The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
Wolf J.P., 2003

A novel computational procedure called the scaled boundaryfinite-element method is described which combines the advantages ofthe finite-element and boundary-element methods: Of thefinite-element metho…

Books: The finite element method (vol. 1, The basis)
Zienkiewicz O. C., Taylor L.R., 2000

In the years since the fourth edition of this seminal work was published, active research has further developed the Finite Element Method into the pre-eminent tool for the modelling of physical system…


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