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Books: Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology
Kofman L.A., Linde A.D., 1986

Generation of density perturbations in inflationary cosmology

Books: Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation
Devroye L., 1986

The books gives several methods of generating random variables for various statistical distributions. It is mathematically rigorous and very detailed.

Books: WCDMA for UMTS : Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications
Holma Harri, Toskala Antti, 2004

As wireless communications technologies evolve, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) seems a strong candidate for providing multimedia to the handset, as well as Universal Mobile Telecommuni…

Books: Generation of non-uniform random variates
Devroye L., 1986

Generation of non-uniform random variates

Books: Natural language generation
Kempen G., 1986

The chapters of this book are edited versions of all 29 papers presented at the Third International Workshop on Natural Language Generation, which took place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from August …

Books: Combinatorial Algorithms: Generation, Enumeration and Search
Kreher D.L., Stinson D.R., 1998

This textbook thoroughly outlines combinatorial algorithms for generation, enumeration, and search. Topics include backtracking and heuristic search methods, applied to various combinatorial structure…
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