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Books: Introduction to Probability
Bertsekas D.P., Tsitsiklis J.N., 2000

This course was read in fall 2000 in Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Books: Introduction to intersection theory in algebraic geometry
Fulton W., 1984

These lectures are designed to provide a survey of modern intersection theory in algebraic geometry. This theory is the result of many mathematicians' work over many decades; the form espoused here wa…

Books: Introduction to the h-Principle
Eliashberg Y., Mishachev N., 2002

Eliashberg and Mishachev (credentials not listed) discuss two methods for proving the h-principle: holonomic approximation and convex integration. Applications to symplectic and contact geometry are e…

Books: An introduction to the theory of the Riemann zeta-function
Patterson S.J., 1988

This is a modern introduction to the analytic techniques used in the investigation of zeta-function. Riemann introduced this function in connection with his study of prime numbers, and from this has d…

Books: An introduction to stochastic processes in physics
Lemons D.S., 2002

A textbook for physics and engineering students that recasts foundational problems in classical physics into the language of random variables. It develops the concepts of statistical independence, exp…

Books: Stochastic differential equations : an introduction with applications
Oksendal B., 2000

This book gives an introduction to the basic theory of stochastic calculus and its applications. Examples are given throughout the text, in order to motivate and illustrate the theory and show its imp…


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