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Books: Introduction to probability models
Ross S.M., 1997

The sixth edition of the successful Introduction to Probability Models introduces elementary probability theory and the stochastic processes and is particularly well-suited to those applying probabili…

Books: An introduction to econophysics: correlations and complexity in finance
Mantegna R.N., Stanley H.E., 1999

Statistical physics concepts such as stochastic dynamics, short- and long-range correlations, self-similarity and scaling, permit an understanding of the global behavior of economic systems without fi…

Books: Convex bodies and algebraic geometry: an introduction to the theory of toric varieties
Oda T., 1988

The theory of toric varieties (also called torus embeddings) describes a fascinating interplay between algebraic geometry and the geometry of convex figures in real affine spaces. This book is a unifi…

Books: Quantum gravity: an introduction to some recent results
Alvarez E., 1989

This article presents a general overview of the problems involved in the application of the quantum principle to a theory of gravitation. The ultraviolet divergences that appear in any perturbative co…

Books: An introduction to stochastic processes
Kannan D., 1979

An introduction to stochastic processes

Books: Introduction to statistical signal processing
Gray R.M., Davisson L.D., 2000

This volume describes the essential tools and techniques of statistical signal processing. At every stage, theoretical ideas are linked to specific applications in communications and signal processing…


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