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Books: Introduction to commutative algebra
Atiyah M.F., Macdonald I.G., 1969

This book grew out of a course of lectures given to third year undergraduates at Oxford University and it has the modest aim of producing a rapid introduction to the subject. It is designed to be read…

Books: Introduction to semialgebraic geometry
Coste M., 2002

Introduction to semialgebraic geometry

Books: Gravitation: an introduction to current research
Witten L. (ed.), 1962

This book represents an attempt to describe recent progress in research associated with various features of gravitation as described by the general theory of relativity. The collection of chapters con…

Books: Introduction to supersymmetry
Wipf A., 2001

Introduction to supersymmetry

Books: Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos
Wiggins S., 1991

This volume is intended for advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate students as an introduction to applied nonlinear dynamics and chaos. The author has placed emphasis on teaching the techniques…

Books: Introduction to toric varieties
Fulton W., 1993

Toric varieties are algebraic varieties arising from elementary geometric and combinatorial objects such as convex polytopes in Euclidean space with vertices on lattice points. Since many algebraic ge…


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