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Books: Introduction to Lebesgue integration
Chen W.W.L., 1983

Introduction to Lebesgue integration

Books: The physics of superconductors. Introduction to fundamentals and applications
Schmidt V.V., 1997

This modern introduction to the physics of superconductors was edited by Paul Müller, (Walter Schottky Award for Solid-state Research) and Alexey V. Ustinov, both at the University of Erlangen. T…

Books: Renormalization: an introduction
Salmhofer M., 1999

This book grew out of a one-term course on renormalization at ETH Zürich. It provides a mathematically rigorous, yet simple and clear introduction to that subject. It can be read by students from…

Books: Introduction to Riemann Surfaces
Springer G., 1957

This well-known book is a self-contained treatment of the classical theory of abstract Riemann surfaces. The first five chapters cover the requisite function theory and topology for Riemann surfaces. …

Books: String theory (volume 1). An introduction to the bosonic string
Polchinski J., 1998

The two volumes that comprise String Theory provide an up-to-date, comprehensive account of string theory. Volume 1 provides a thorough introduction to the bosonic string, based on the Polyakov path i…

Books: An Introduction to G-Functions
Dwork B., Gerotto G., Sullivan F.J., 1994

Written for advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate students, this book aims to introduce students to a serious level of p-adic analysis with important implications for number theory. The main …


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