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Books: Natural language parsing and linguistic theories
Reyle U., Roher C., 1988

Linguistic theories play an important role in natural language processing applications. This volume contains several detailed studies of questions concerned with the implementation of contemporary gra…

Books: Boolean semantics for natural language
Keenan E.L., Faltz L.M., 1985

Much of this work uses the notation and concepts of boolean algebra. Neither the notation nor the concepts are particularly difficult to learn, nor does this work presuppose any basic familiarity with…

Books: Natural language generation
Kempen G., 1986

The chapters of this book are edited versions of all 29 papers presented at the Third International Workshop on Natural Language Generation, which took place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from August …

Books: Natural language generation systems
McDonald D.D., Bolc L., 1988

The purpose of this collection has been to give its authors an opportunity to present their work at much greater length than is available in the usual conference paper or journal article, As a result,…

Books: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Harris M.D., 1985

Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Books: Integrated Natural Language Dialogue. A Computational Model
Frederking R.E., 1988

Integrated Natural Language Dialogue. A Computational Model


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