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Books: Natural language understanding and logic programming
Dahl V., Saint-Dizier P., 1991

Natural language parsing was one of the main motivations from which Prolog was developed Metamorphosis grammars, designed by Alain Colmerauer at GIA Marseille, was the first logic-based formalism for …

Books: Interpreting anaphors in natural language text
Carter D., 1987

Perhaps the major obstacle to the development of computer programs capable of the sophisticated processing of natural language is the problem of representing and using the large and varied quantities …

Books: Natural language understanding
Allen J., 1987

This long-awaited revision offers a comprehensive introduction to natural language understanding with developments and research in the field today. Building on the effective framework of the first edi…

Books: Natural Language Processing for Online Applications
Jackson P., Moulinier I., 2002

This text covers the emerging technologies of document retrieval, information extraction, and text categorization in a way which highlights commonalities in terms of both general principles and practi…

Books: The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero

The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero


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