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Books: Parsing TeX into mathematics
Fateman R., Caspi E., 1999

Communication, storage, transmission, and searching of complex materialhas become increasingly important. Mathematical computing in adistributed environment is also becoming more plausible as librarie…

Books: Phonological parsing in speech recognition
Church K.W., 1987

Phonological Parsing in Speech Recognition describes a novel recognizer that is designed to exploit variant cues by parsing the input utterance into syllables and other suprasegmental constituents usi…

Books: Parsing Techniques: A Practical Guide
Grune D., Jacobs C.J.H., 1990

Parsing (syntactic analysis) is one of the best understood branches of computer science. Parsers are already being used extensively in a number of disciplines: in computer science (for compiler constr…

Books: Natural language parsing systems
Bolc L., 1987

Up to now there has been no scientific publication on natural language research that presents a broad and complex description of the current problems of parsing in the context of Artificial Intelligen…

Books: Natural language parsing and linguistic theories
Reyle U., Roher C., 1988

Linguistic theories play an important role in natural language processing applications. This volume contains several detailed studies of questions concerned with the implementation of contemporary gra…

Books: Automatic natural language parsing
Sparck Jones K., Wilks Y., 1983

This book is aimed at research students and research workers interested in current views on the problems and techniques of automatic natural language parsing. Parsing is a key element of natural langu…


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