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Books: Protein engineering through in vivo incorporation of phenylalanine analogs
Carrico I.Sh., 2004

Proteins mediate the bulk of biochemical functions within the cell. These biopolymers control processes utilizing specific arrangements of the natural twenty amino acids. Expanding the set of amino ac…

Books: Protein Microarray Technology
Kambhampati D. (ed.), 2004

This book is the first of its kind in the field of protein microarrays and addresses novel strategies for constructing highly functional and biocompatible microarrays for screening proteins.The list o…

Books: The Protein Handbook

This handbook is designed to provide a broad range or useful information in a convenient format for the practicing biochemist. The material included has been chosen after discussions with a large numb…

Books: Protein structure, stability, and folding
Murphy K.P., 2001

Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City. Offers protein and biophysical chemists a resource for gaining a way to understand and characterize the basis for the stability of the biologically active native states of pr…

Books: Advances in chemical physics, computational methods for protein folding
Friesner R.A. (ed.), 2002

Since the first attempts to model proteins on a computer began almost thirty years ago, our understanding of protein structure and dynamics has dramatically increased. Spectroscopic measurement techni…

Books: Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science
Fersht A., 1999

By concentrating on fundamental principles and the physical and chemical processes behind them, Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science makes the basic formulas, Kinetics, and thermodynamics of pro…


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