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Books: Python essential reference
Beazley D., 2001

Python essential reference

Python is a remarkably powerful, yet a simple programming language that has become a highly valuable software development tool for many computing professionals. With the recent release of version 2, P…

Books: Python Cookbook
Alex Martelli, David Ascher

Python Cookbook

So what exactly is a Python cookbook? It`s a collection of recipes for Python programmers, contributed by Python community members. The original contributions were made through a web site set up by Ac…

Books: Making Use of Python
Gupta R., 2002

Making Use of Python

Python is a multipurpose development language that can be used on virtually every platform. It offers built-in support for critical development steps including data structures, dynamic typing, and dyn…

Books: Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim

Dive Into Python by  Mark Pilgrim

Dive Into Python is a hands-on guide to the Python language. Each chapter starts with a real complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together …

Books: Язык программирования Python

Язык программирования  Python

Электронная книга "Язык программирования Python" является одной из первых книг на русском языке, посвященных языку программирования Python. Это интерпретируемый, интерактивный, объектно-ориентированны…

Books: Beginning Python - Wrox

Beginning Python - Wrox

    * This tutorial offers readers a thorough introduction to programming in Python 2.4, the portable, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that combines power with clear s…
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