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Books: Inside Mac OS X. System Overview
Apple Computer, 2001

Apple Computer’s newest operating system, Mac OS X, is also the most revolutionary operating system to hit the computer scene in many years. Using Mac OS X, Apple is reasserting its leadership not onl…

Books: Solaris 8 Operating Environment System Administration I
Sun Microsystems Inc., 2000

Solaris 8 Operating Environment System Administration I

Books: Nonlinear System Theory. The Volterra-Wiener Approach
Rugh W.J., 1981

Nonlinear System Theory. The Volterra-Wiener Approach

Books: Combinations of complex dynamical system
Piligrim K. M., 2003

The goal of this research monograph is to develop a general combination, decomposition, and structure theory for branched coverings of the two-sphereto itself, regarded as the combinatorial and topolo…

Books: The Theory of a General Quantum System Interacting with a Linear Dissipative System
Feynman R.P., Vernon F.L., Jr., 1963

A formalism has been developed, using Feynman's space-time formulation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics whereby the behavior of a system of interest, which is coupled to other external quantum sys…

Books: Theory and numerics of open system continuum thermodynamics
Kuhl E., 2004

The present treatise aims at deriving a general framework for the thermodynamics of open systems typically encountered in chemo– or biomechanical applications. Due tothe fact that an open system is al…
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